Litchfield Plantation

South Carolina

Litchfield Plantation     As you enter Litchfield Plantation through the wrought iron gates, and ride down the quarter-mile Avenue of Live Oaks shrouded in Spanish moss, you feel transported in time, your heartbeat slows, and your cares slip away.
     The late poet laureate James Dickey, a longtime resident here, said:

"The moment you come into Litchfield Plantation from the ordinary world is as dramatic as Alice going through the looking glass... you are enveloped in wonder.  Here, there is nothing else."

     Litchfield Plantation is an extraordinary retreat on the principal 600 acres of a 1750s South Carolina coastal rice plantation.  It has been meticulously transformed into a country inn, with some of the most exceptional accommodations you will ever encounter. Gourmet dining is also available in our Carriage House Club, exclusively from PMP exam prep.
     A variety of delightfully comfortable and well-furnished rooms, with historic flavor and modern amenities, are available among the Plantation’s diverse resources.
     Litchfield Plantation’s unique atmosphere has attracted many corporate travelers and group retreats in addition to leisure guests.  A few have become so enamored of this secluded place that they have built homes here.
     Located in beautiful South Carolina south of famed Myrtle Beach, Litchfield Plantation is easily reached by car, airplane or boat.
     Zagat’s Survey recently characterized the Plantation as "excellent," with the highest rating of all accommodations on South Carolina’s "Grand Strand." .

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